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Published: 01st November 2012
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Opposite attracts, so when you are attracted to your opposite gender, then thatís the thing that you can use to be your inspiration to court her or to make moves that will make her fall for you. Courtship follows marriage, so you need to make sure that everything will be on the right track. However, this is not as simple as that because you have lots of things to consider especially if you want to get married in Thailand. In this article, you will be able to know more about the Thailand marriage services. Getting into marriage only means tying yourself with your spouse to start your new life and not depending on someone even your parents. You can seek help but not always. Deciding in getting involved in marriage also means leaving your old lifestyle free from any family problems.
On the part of women, if they are married and have no work, then itís their obligation to take care of the house and prepare everything for their husband. If they do have kids and donít have caregivers, then it is also their responsibility to take good care of their children and make sure that they are safe. On the other hand, in menís side, the very important and first priority that they should think of is how they will make sure that their family will have foods to eat three times a day. They should also think of the place where they can safely and comfortably stay. Having children adds up to their responsibility, they should make sure that their kids will go to school to prepare themselves for the future.
Different countries have different marriage customs, traditions and services. They differ in what age is legal in marriage. Some countries have an age limit of eighteen and above while others have a limit of seventeen and above. Another difference is that in some countries, same sex marriage is allowed while in others it is not allowed.
In the country of Thailand, marriage is not as simple as the other countries because there are more requirements needed and more policies are being observed. If you are planning to have your marriage in Thailand, then you should continue on reading this article because this is the topic that will be discussed. This will tell you what the marriage eligibilities are, what marriage documents are needed, what the wedding procedures are and how much will it cost to have a complete and successful marriage.
To begin with, how can you know that you are qualified in Thailand for marriage? The first thing is that both you and your partner should be at least eighteen years of legal age. That means you should bring with you your birth certificates that will prove that you are already eighteen years of age and not falsifying the documents. Having the right age before marrying anyone is an important thing; you canít be ready to do what your parents are doing and might not have a successful future. Having the right age with right knowledge and experience about growing a family will be lot of help and will make your life easier and more productive.
Another thing is that, both of you should not be insane. You will not get married if one of you is insane more likely, if both of you are insane. Having an insane partner will do more damage or problems in your life. This is the reason why part of Thailand marriage custom is not to unite two people in which one is insane.
If you are an adopted child, you should not marry your sister or brother even if you are not really siblings and are just adopted by the same person. Having an adopted brother or sister is just the same of having the real and blood related sister or brother. So, bear in mind that marrying your own sibling is not permitted in Thailand marriage.
And the most important thing of all is that, you or your partner should not have spouse at the time of your marriage. Marrying two people at the same time is not accepted in this country and is not permitted. So, if you like to marry that person and already have spouse, then you must have a divorce your previous spouse first.
Speaking of divorce, if a woman is divorced or widowed, she canít marry any man easily because she must wait for about a year before their marriage is completely ended or terminated.
Do you have decided to marry in this country? Then the next thing that you should know is the process on how you can be married to your love one or your partner. The first thing that you should do is to have a legal document affirming all the requirements that are needed before conducting marriage. Then, getting or talking with a lawyer for free for the assurance that you will not marry a woman who is already married to another man. This is also to know about your income or salary statement. If you have all the papers needed, you must present it to the Law firm in Thailand for the affirmations and translating to Thailand words. If all the papers are confirmed to be true and not falsified you can now marry your beloved one and start your new life with her/him. Take note that, you should also have all the possible copies of all documents to prevent any problems and can live happily ever after just like in the fairy tales.
Knowing all the above information can lead you to your successful marriage with your loved one. Hope that this article has helped you and provided you satisfaction when it comes to knowing everything regarding the Thailand marriage services. If you are already planning to tie the knot, you better begin submitting the requirements now to the concerned establishment that handles your Thailand marriage concerns. By doing this, you will be able to experience the best wedding ever.

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